Universal Studios Tour / City Walk

Word of warning!! - You may have trouble choosing amongst the many exciting attractions and shows when you spend an extraordinary, unforgettable day at Universal Studios. You will go behind the scenes to share in the 'magic' of Show Business. Feel the glamor, glitter and glitz of it all. Experience the state-of-the-art special effects that are used in many movies and T.V. shows. You'll also have an opportunity to see the best stunt people in the business who will make you gasp, laugh, and cheer at their amazing skill. Be sure you don't miss the good guys versus the bad guys show along with the animal actor's stage show. It's a 'must see' for all animal lovers. It is quite a treat to see these lovable animal stars perform. During the hour long tram ride, you may be held captive by aliens from Star Wars, ride alongside Jaws, and cross the waters of the Red Sea that Moses parted. An 8.1 earthquake will certainly rattle your teeth and King Kong will probably breathe on you, but not to worry, you will have a chance to escape his grip. Last, but not least, is a very special tribute to Ms. Lucille Ball. We all love Lucy!! Trace the career of the world's zaniest redhead, everything from rare home movies to those famous classic shows. You will fall in love with Lucy all over again.

City Walk - a street festival! Non-stop excitement and non-stop fun!! Something to do and see everywhere you look. It all comes to life here. Just outside the gates of Universal Studios, is 'City Walk'. It is a newly developed concept by the management of Universal Studios. On this three block long street, magicians, mimes, musicians, artists, craftsmen and other types of show people stroll this area performing for everyone. There is something for everyone here. From shops, specialty stores, restaurants, kiosks, etc. to just being a lively, colorful and exciting place to visit. This is a 'must see', at least once for everyone.

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