J. Paul Getty Center & Museum

The Getty Center features memorable works of art, along with peaceful, tranquil gardens and terraces where you can stroll along and enjoy a spectacular view of both the mountains and the Pacific Ocean. As you move along the walkways between the pavilions and balconies, you will experience many changing scenes of the city. An inner courtyard with trees and statuary along with fountains and reflecting pools all provide a calm serenity.

With the choice of several buildings to visit, you'll enjoy the evolvement of the culture of Art. A 'hands-on' display of art technology is provided involving interactive computer use. One of the many hallmarks for the Getty Museum is the changing exhibitions of famous artists and their works. Throughout 'The Getty' you'll be able to notice many beautiful sculptures on display. An expanded museum store offers books of art for all ages as well as games and gifts to suit every taste. And, speaking of taste, 'The Getty' has three different types of eating arrangements for those who want a certain type of ambiance while dining. The choice will be yours, of course.

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