Historic Graber Olive House / Local Winery Tour

A special tour has been arranged for you upon arrival at the historic Graber's Olive House. More than 110 years ago, the Graber family began canning olives right here in this location. Today, their equipment is almost the same, and they still use the old-fashioned way of canning. You'll get a chance to see just how the olives are cured, graded, and canned. You may even get to meet a few of the workers who have been here for more than 50 years. There is a small museum on the grounds that you can visit, and see some of the original tools that are kept here on display. There are also two delightful little shops for those of you who wish to purchase a gift. Plus, they'll also wrap it for you too, at no cost. Shop for yourself or choose a gift for someone special from a wide variety of products -- wines, salmon, dates, almonds, dried fruits, pistachio nuts, preserves, knick-knacks and , of course, a fine selection of Graber olives. Age-old hospitality awaits you at the Graber Olive House

Come, treat yourself to a trip to one of southern California's famous wineries. The Filippi family winery is steeped in wine history, dating back several generations. You'll be stopping in to talk and taste the best award-winning wines. Southern California wines have been served at the White House, to the Queen of England, and to millions of wine lovers. The Filippi Winery is ever expanding and changing, just like the area that surrounds it. However, urban and industrial growth constantly encroach upon the southern California vineyards. Come to sample the newest wines of the harvest that are aged in tanks and barrels. Talk with the wine experts and winemakers. They will help you choose a wine that you and your friends will most certainly enjoy. There are also gift baskets and gift boxes as well as wine accessories for the 'extra special' purchase.

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