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For an overview of the scientific program see the Program Schedule

For plenary session talks and parallel sessions see below.

Plenary Sessions

All plenary sessions will be held in the University Lecture Hall (building 76 on the map)
Refreshments will be served during the breaks outside the University Commons (building 21) in a shaded mall

Click on "T" to download the talk and "P" to download the paper (when available).

Friday August 27th
8:00 am  Welcome and Announcements  Chancellor France A. Córdova
 (UC Riverside)
8:10 am  Neutrino Physics Experiment  Kai Zuber (Oxford)   T P
9:00 am  Neutrino Physics Theory  André de Gouvêa (Northwestern)   T P
9:50 am  Break
10:20 am  Electroweak and Top Quark Physics  Evelyn Thomson (Ohio State)   T P
11:20 am  Electroweak Symmetry Breaking  David Rainwater (Rochester)   T P
12:00  Lunch
Saturday August 28th
8:00 am  Heavy Flavor Physics  Aaron Roodman (SLAC)   T P
8:50 am  Advanced Accelerators - Near Future and Far Future Options  Jamie Rosenzweig (UCLA)   T P
9:40 am  Break
10:10 am  Cosmology - Experiment  Joseph Fowler (Princeton)   T P
11:00 am  How to Popularize Particle Physics  Elizabeth Simmons (Michigan State)   T P
11:50 am  Group photo, Lunch
Monday August 30th
1:30 pm  Heavy Ion Physics  Jamie Nagle (Univ. of Colorado)   T P
2:20 pm  Very High Energy Astrophysics  Stefan Westerhoff (Columbia)   T P
3:10 pm  Break
Tuesday August 31st
10:20 am  CP Violation  Owen Long (UC Riverside)   T P
11:10 am  Current Trends in String Theory  Clifford Johnson (USC)   T P
12:00  Lunch
1:30 pm  QCD  Sean Fleming (Carnegie Mellon)   T P
2:20 pm  Computing in High Energy Physics  Ian Fisk (FNAL)   T P
3:10 pm  Break
3:40 pm  Searches for New Physics  Gustaaf Brooijmans (Columbia)   T P
4:30 pm  Cosmology Theory  Sean Carroll (Chicago)   T P
5:20 pm  End of DPF2004

Parallel Sessions and Conveners

For an overview of the parallel sessions see the schedule of parallel sessions

Click on the parallel session name for a schedule of talks.

1. Neutrino Physics (experiment and theory) Danny Marfatia (Boston)
Michael Smy (UC Irvine)
2. Cosmology (experiment and theory) Lloyd Knox (UC Davis)
Nils Halverson (UC Berkeley)
3. Very High Energy Astrophysics Matthew Baring (Rice)
David Williams (UC Santa Cruz)
4. Top Quark Physics -
new results and theory
Lisa Shabalina (UIC)
C.P. Yuan (Michigan State)
5. W's and Z's - new results and theory Ulrich Baur (SUNY Buffalo)
Mark Kruse (Duke)
6. Direct Searches for New Physics Greg Landsberg (Brown)
David Stuart (UC Santa Barbara)
7. Muon g-2, Lepton Flavor Violation,
Muon and Neutron edm (theory and experiment)
Ryuichiro Kitano (IAS)
C.J.G. Onderwater (KVI, Gronigen, The Netherlands)
8. Electroweak Symmetry Breaking -
theory and phenomenology
Stephen Mrenna (Fermilab)
Doreen Wackeroth (SUNY Buffalo)
9. LHC and Linear Collider Comparison Norman Graf (SLAC)
Albert de Roeck (CERN)
10. Current Trends in String Theory, including
cosmological applications
Jaume Gomis (Caltech)
Anastasia Volovich (KITP)
11. Lattice QCD Thomas Blum (Univ. of Connecticut)
Matthew Wingate (Univ. of Washington)
12. Nonperturbative Field Theory David Berenstein (UC Santa Barbara)
Dam Thanh Son (Univ. of Washington)
13. CP Violation - B's and rare kaon
David Atwood (Iowa State)
Karim Trabelsi (Hawaii)
14. Heavy Flavor Physics - Rare B Decays,
charm, tau, Tevatron B results
Adam Leibovich (Pittsburg)
Masa Tanaka (ANL)
15. QCD (experiment and theory) Christian Bauer (Caltech)
Bob Hirosky (Virginia)
16. Heavy Ion Physics Steffen Bass (Duke)
Huan Huang (UCLA)
17. Detector Development K.K. Gan (Ohio State)
Eduardo do Couto e Silva (SLAC)
18. Advanced Accelerator R&D Eric Colby (SLAC)
Yagmur Torun (IIT)
19. Computing in High Energy Physics Stephen Gowdy (SLAC)
Torre Wenaus (BNL)
20. How to Popularize Particle Physics Neil Calder (SLAC)
Josh Klein (UT Austin)
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